Saturday, December 26, 2009

We had a pretty good Christmas! The kids got a lot of fun things. We spent the evening at Joel’s sister Sarah’s house. The kids had fun sledding down the hill with their aunt, uncle and cousins. I had fun hanging out and talking to family.

I got something I’ve been wanting for several years. A big beautiful warm electric blanket. Every night for the last couple of years I have put on socks and warmed my side of the bed with a hot pad while I brushed my teeth before going to bed. My next big item on my wish list is a towel warmer. I found one at Bed Bath & Beyond but it seemed too small for our new big fluffy towels I got on Black Friday or I would have bought it right then and there. I wish it had been bigger. I bet it feels so nice to step into warm towels in the middle of winter!

I also was lucky and got to talk to several family members in the last few days for the holidays as well. I don’t have any family here in Minnesota, and sometimes I really miss them, especially on the holidays. I wish we could travel there in the winter, but my mom always insists that we won’t miss anything good and also I’m chicken to travel in the snow, especially in the mountains. I suggested to Joel that maybe next year we could go spend the holidays in a cabin somewhere in MN. There’s one that we found that had indoor plumbing and it would be really fun to spend a week there… I bet it would cost a fortune though.

Spoiler Ahead!

For Christmas I got the movie Julie and Julia. If you haven’t seen it yet, read no further. If you have, read on! I loved it! Mostly. I didn’t like that in the movie they said that Julia didn’t like Julie or her blog. So terrible! I appreciated the part at the end where Julie didn’t hold that against Julia and it didn’t keep her from finishing her project. I also loved the butter tribute she left with the painting of Julia. I did love learning more about Julia and watching Meryl Streep portraying her was fascinating. I loved the relationship between Julia and Paul. I also loved all the French words. French is such a beautiful language. I took a few years in High School, but I barely remember anything. I love listening to people speak it. I looked up her blog and read the last few entries and then later while looking up pictures of her I ran into Julia Powell’s current blog where she tells about reading at bars and such. I’ll have to look into it more. I wonder if she has any children yet, or if this whole thing has taken over her life.

-End Spoiler-

Jaeden lost a tooth last night while she was sleeping. I hate the tooth fairy. She’s just another reason why I feel like a big fat liar. Her and Santa are in cahoots with each other and they have it out for me. Forget my kids, I’m the one that’s going to need hours on the therapy couch when my kids are all grown! Joel insists that we participate in the deceitful tradition, but I have moral issues with it and my conscience bothers me so much, especially when the kids ask me questions and I have to come up with a spur of the moment lie.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you like this idea, but I told my kids that if you stop believing in Santa, he stops coming. I told them I don't believe anymore, and look, he doesn't bring me anything. So usually, as long as they believe, he comes.

Anonymous said...

I think by this summer my cabin will be very livable. (Electricity, running water, flush toilets, cool beds. ) You are very welcome to take as long as you like there.

If you pick next winter, we will just snowmobile you in!


Michelle said...

Ahh, the infamous electric blanket. :D My feet are jealous right now. I'm glad you had a good Christmas! I haven't seen the movie you mentioned nor did I know you liked French that much. I agree, it is a beautiful language!

Sorry you and Joel can't agree on the tooth fairy/Santa thing. I can imagine how hard that would be. :(

JoAnne and The Fam said...

One of my first memories of you is when we had a church(y) type meeting at the Jesses and you were wearing cute little house sock/slippers. Heating blankets are the bomb. I should get one of those for Justin. He has the same problem as you with cold feet, and he likes to warm them on me!