Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hate being mean, but sometimes I think you just have to, to make people get up and shake a leg.
We are totally rained into our house. I can't walk my dog without rolling up my pants and wearing flip-flops. My kids are not going to be able to get to the house when they come home from school today. My yard is flooded clear back to the shed. Joel called the park manager and was nice to him, and the manager said, "thanks for letting me know." That just was not enough for me, so I called him back and said, "no! I want to know what you are going to do about it!"
I didn't get any dates it would be fixed by, but he was whinning, "give me a break, I've only been here a month!" It could have been fixed in that month. Grrrrrrrr. Then I chewed him out some more.

Jake gets his cast off today, and he is so excited. He has to wear a boot around for a few more weeks. He doesn't want to, but I'm going to ask the doctor how important it is that he does.

My house is falling apart, and it's making me crabby. I need a maid service, seriously. The kids aren't much help and as soon as they clean stuff they mess it up again. I don't have time to keep up with it all. I need more hours in the day, or to find a better way to study. Or maybe I should get off here and get to it.... bye!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let us observe a moment of silence


in memory of Mom's sanity...

Well, it's happened!

I really thought when I started school last year that I would be able to take the summers off to spend with my kids, but feared that something would come up that wouldn't let me. All this time I have been working towards the summer, when I would have a break, and be able to play with my kids, and go places whenever I wanted, and not have to plan around a schedule. But the other day I got an award letter from the school saying that if I took six credits of classes this summer I would receive over $1,300 in Pell grants. How can I pass that up? It took awhile, but I found two classes that fit into my degree requirements, to take during the summer. One will be a class that's entirely online, and educational psychology class. The other class is a math class, and I will have to go to school every morning, except for Fridays.
My choice was to either take a math refresher course and try to test out of the class, and have no other classes this summer. Or I could take the class I was trying to pass out of, and take a second class and both would be free, and also there will be money left for books. So, I guess I'm opting for the second choice. Free is good. That does kind of bum me out, I do value my freedom in the summer, and lack of schedules.
Last week I had three tests in my classes, and after being sick all weekend and on medications and lacking serious sleep hours, I thought for sure that I would not do well. I was very surprised to see that I got a 92%, 89%, and an 88% score on those tests. Yay! We only have 2.5 weeks of school left. I'm getting at least a B in every class. I am hoping to keep them up through the finals projects and finals week.
Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My phone takes crappy pictures.

And now that I got that off my chest I want to share some recent images I have take with my crappy phone camera...

But first, a moment of silence:
I was sad to see today that little "Jason" the black bear cub died a couple of days ago :( No word yet on why.

And now onto the crappy phone pictures. Here's a picture of what my kids have been up to the last couple of days... seriously, I don't know why we don't just buy them big boxes for birthdays instead of toys....
But the problem is, we only have two boxes that size, two skateboards and three little kids.

Tonight Joy helped me by making the bread for our dinner, that ended up being ruined anyway because of some bad cream, so we had McDonalds instead. Bread will go with tomorrow night's dinner.

And besides buying the kids boxes for birthdays, I don't know why we don't just get them a bunch of Pillsbury bread cans for Christmas...

WARNING! If you don't like doggie butts, don't read this post further....

I warned you.

Ok I have been meaning to post about this latley, but haven't gotten to taking a picture of it until the other day. This is either just plain weird, funny or cute. It makes me giggle almost every day. My dog has the funniest spot for two cowlicks.

I'm laughing now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick update before I run out the door!

Jake had surgery on his ankle this morning. He seems to be ok for now. Heavily sedated and foot propped up on a foam plank. I couldn't be there with him because I had a test and a class that I can't miss today. I might skip my class tomorrow because of him, we'll see. The doctor said everything went well. He has to wear a cast for a couple of weeks, but can put weight on it, then he has to wear his boot for another 4 weeks, and then have a final check on the leg and be given some physical therapy exercises. I hope that he feels good soon and that this won't be anything that will hinder him on a mission, or make it hard to walk a lot or ride bikes. We don't know how much it's going to cost us in the end. Minnesota turned us down for assistance, but the hospital is trying to do some other stuff, so we'll have to wait and see. But for now he's resting comfortably and I have to run to class. Bye!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mood ring: Blue

Yep, that's the color it is tonight. Not like the pretty green in the picture (and mine was only $2), but a very bright and happy blue, which according to the website means that I am either very relaxed, calm, or happy. This is the exact ring I have, funny that I found that online. I bought it when the kids and I were at the Audubon Center in Sandstone Minnesota. I think it is fun to look at throughout the day to see what color it is. Usually it says I have mixed emotions or I am lovable.

The weather has been so beautiful this week, and sadly, I heard it will be raining this weekend (that's OK because I will be at Time Out for Women). I really wish I was outside tonight playing in it instead of talking to my blog, but before talking to my blog I was stuck studying for a test that I have next week, and now I need to go find a lesson for my children on Sunday, and am also trying to finish up a session I had last fall so that the senior has pictures for his graduation. I also need to get my own seniors pictures done, it's a matter of wrangling him, tying him up, sedating him, or hypnotized him, to get his pictures done.

I have such strong spring fever right now that it's really hard to contain my mind and concentrate on the tasks I need to do. It's days like these that make me wish that there were more hours in the day. I'd like to take the dog for walk in the park, I'd like to take my camera out to play, I'd like to go for a bike ride, I'd like to have a bonfire, make some smores, but right now I have to go make some fajitas. Ciao!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Out like a Lion

RAWRRRrrrrr! Haha. Ok, it's been months (actually since October) since I colored my hair last. So a couple of weeks ago I colored again because my roots were getting to be about 2 inches long. I went to school one week, and then the next week my classmate came in and said, "whoa!" when he saw me. I said "what?" and he said, "your hair." I explained to him that I was wearing my wash and go look, and that I had finally got around to coloring my hair, to which he said, "What made you choose that color?".... wow, way to make a girl feel great.

So here is my new lions mane look I've been sporting since I've decided that nobody cares how I look and I'm just too tired and worn out to care myself, lol.