Saturday, July 24, 2010


I saw that my teacher graded my paper today and I ended up with an over all score of 88.8%, so I'm happy with that. It was a frustrating class and I am so HAPPY to have it over! The grade on my last paper was a bit of a let down. I worked really hard on it.
Thanks to Michelle, I now know how to better search for a professor that will suit me. Thanks Michelle!!!
I am looking forward to my fall classes, especially now that I've dropped a Communications class that was being taught by someone I'm sure would have had me in tears. And I'm looking forward to the Humanities class I picked up instead, and a stain glass class. I'm also going to be taking Introduction to Art History and General Psychology. I think all four classes will interest me.

Monday I have an appointment with the school secretary to begin the process of trying to get Joy into full day Kindergarten. I'm going to apply for a child care grant, and hope that they give me enough that I can put her in for the full day. This way I can take classes whenever I need and study while the kids are in school. Then I have their time at home to help them with work and have family time. Jacob did full day Kindergarten, I don't understand why they don't do it at every school. Seems to me most kids are in daycare anyway, might as well have them learning instead.
So, other than that meeting and couple of oil changes, and this last week of t-ball, my schedule is wide open for 4 weeks! Wahoo!!!! I have some fun plans for me and my kids during those 4 weeks, that we are all excited about.

Friday, July 23, 2010

One good thing

One good thing about going to college is that I have a college identity card and got to use it today to get 25% off my entire purchase at Old Navy, even on clearanced items! I cleaned the store! Well, not really, but I did come home with several bags of clothes for my kids for school! They were very excited and loved what I brought them. YAY me! I was excited that they got NEW stuff for less than thrift store prices!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Update

Sorry my posting has been so sporadic! I talked to Mom yesterday and she commented on when my last post was. I didn't realize it had been that long. Whoops!

Today my head is aching. I spent pretty much all day yesterday, except when we had my in-laws over for dinner, working on my last paper. It's a position paper, which also has to be between 7-9 pages long. I was up until nearly 2am working on it. Joel went over it with me this morning and we corrected some things my Office isn't catching that his is, which is strange, because we both have the same Office 2007. I have a few more things to add this afternoon before turning it in before the 11:59pm deadline. The final draft is due on the 21st, and then I'll have survived my first semester! One down and about 12 more to go!

Today my extended warranty wore out on my computer, so I pretty much expect it to crash within the next week or two, especially when I have a crunch editing session for a wedding. Yup, that's about par for my computers.

On Friday I am second shooting a wedding for a friend. I am looking forward to seeing her again, it's been ages! I love working for her, she has such great clients. And also, I love that I don't have to edit, hee hee. Shooting is really my most favorite part.

Jake and Joel just recently survived a very big hike with the scouts. That's all I will say about that matter here. Family can look forward to a longer recap in the family newsletter I sent out at the end of the month.

The local farmer's market started a week ago, and I'm headed there this afternoon after I take the rugrats to the library. I love, love, love the farmer's market! I also love the farmer's stand by the Mermaid, that is so easy to run to and has better stuff than the stores. Summer is so great for food.