Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekend Friend

Joyanna has a friend visiting her for the weekend from the School Ready program. Here is her new friend "Lucky" (waving) and Joy and her bestest dog "Brownie". They are going to have so much fun this weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cabin Fever

I need a vacation out of the cold!
I've looked at plane tickets to Utah, not warmer but definitely funner than Minnesota. Maybe I should just visit the Como Zoo conservatory where it's tropical and pretty.
I don't know what this summer will hold for our family, but I really really really want to see my family this year. Sure, it's great when my parents visit, but I want to see my sisters and brother and their families too. It's about that time again. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens with Joel and his job as this summer gets closer.

Not meant to be?

Tomorrow I am supposed to meet up with a man who was the contact person for the Special Education licensure program I am interested in. I contacted him about the program asking for more information and had a series of confusing emails before finally getting a bit of information, I am to meet with him tomorrow afternoon at the campus. That's all I got. I'm not sure if I am supposed to bring any papers with me, or what! This is a little frustrating. I don't know why this is turning out to be hard.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I paid $1.959/gallon for gas on Saturday. Love it :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ba Boom! Ba Boom!

That is the sound my throbbing head would make if it made a noise. I have the WORST migraine today.
This morning when I opened my bedroom window to cool off the room I looked out on my car and noticed the the licence plate was bent in an unusual way that it was not yesterday. I mentioned this to Joel who mentioned back to me that my airbag light came on when he pulled up to the house this morning. I sent him out to get the manual to see how urgent it was that I got my car in to be serviced and while he was out he noticed that my front bumper was all smashed up, I had not noticed when looking out. GRRRRR! He doesn't know what happened and he said Jake wasn't driving today (he's grounded from driving at this time). I don't remember doing anything.
Joel thinks someone hit my car. I think someone pulled up on a snow bank because this morning there was fresh snow chunks in the front hole below the plate, and when I took these pictures after having my car serviced, there is no snow. I would think if my car had been driven around to several places after it bit a snow mound, say to husband's work, then home then to the church then to the school then to home, those pieces would have fallen out at some point. I guess I'll never know what really happened to it. I am surprised that it has stayed this nice for this long.

In good news, here's a picture of Jake in his medal he got last week...

He took second place out of eight at Blaine's tournaments.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Because of my kids and me being sick I've had a lot of time to sit around and read. I am not in a book club and have little knowledge about what people out there in book world are reading. I wanted to read something, wake up my brain! I've been stuck in "reading only photography stuff" land and I needed something that made me feel smarter or more intellectual, or something.
So what did I do?
I went to my local library's website and looked up what the book clubs there are reading. Hmmm..... Not really anything interesting.
Then I looked up what people had read and recommended. BINGO! I found several new books that I wanted to try, so I put them all on hold and decided to read them as they came in, because on some of them I was a few spots back in the hold position.
The first book I read made me cry and cry. It was called "The Widow's Season" It had a twist at the end I didn't see coming, but it was a very sad book about a woman who lost her husband, presumably to death but the body is never found, but then he comes back wanting to start over with her and have the relationship they missed out on. But you never know if he's real, in her head, or a ghost.
The second book I read was one there's been a lot of talking about because of the newly released movie from it, called The Lovely Bones. It was ok. It's a book about death too. Only this time the story is told by the girl that was murdered. I was disappointed in the ending of the book.
Today I picked up "It's Not That I'm Bitter". I'm hoping it's a lighter read than the last two. I'll let you know.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

He's going back!

He decided that he will give a new teacher a try. I think it sweetened the pot more, knowing that his classroom will be two doors down from Jaeden's class. They can eat breakfast at school, walk to class, and then to the bus together. They are both excited about this. I love that they are so close to each other.
The other day someone asked me again if Jaeden and Joy are twins. It always takes me off guard when they ask, because they don't look anything alike. Maybe it's because Joy is big and Jaeden is small? Joy has reddish brown hair and Jaeden has blond hair and although some features are similar, they don't have the same face either. But Jaeden belongs in our family. She has a really great life here. She's being raised in a loving and wholesome environment where she is nurtured and loved and taught good things. Kathy made the best choice of her life letting Jaeden be raised by us. She knows her natural grandparents and aunts. Very little questions in her life. It's good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What to do

Yesterday I picked up my son's things at his school. One thing was a report card that appears to be obviously biased based on the teacher for my son's efforts and work. The rest were his notebooks, pencil box, glues, clipboard. His little notebook of notes he's been taking on a plant he's been growing. Day one, planted, day 7 sprouts, days of measuring and drawing pictures of how the plants looked. A book of poems and songs the teacher had taught the kids with my son's own little drawings on the paper. Pumpkins rolling out of sight, dirt made my food, snowmen and snowball fights. His book of spelling words, and repetitive writing of words he got wrong, thankfully not many. I cried. I want my son to continue these experiences that he's been sharing with his classmates. I don't want someone yelling at my kid when he makes mistakes. I want him to be encouraged to be obedient, not threatened and humiliated.
Hannah Montana's song "Everyone makes mistakes" has been going through my head all night.
When I picked up his things I dropped off a letter to the Principal.
Later that day he called me. He said he'd meant to call me the day before but then he was told that I had unenrolled my son from the school and so he'd set it aside to get to later. He was sorry he hadn't gotten to us sooner. He was also sad to hear about the situation and that we felt that we had no other choice than to pull Josh out of school. He encouraged us to give another teacher a try. I expressed my concern that teachers talk and I didn't want Josh going to a teacher that would have a preconceived idea on what kind of kid he was based on what another teacher told her about him. I want a teacher that will be fair and objective.
I talked to Josh and told him to think about it. I encouraged him to make a decision and then pray about if he made the right one. It's easier to get an answer to a made decision than an open ended one that says, "what do I do?". He's flip flopping. I know he'd like to go back, but he's afraid.
I told him about when I was a little girl and had been begging my dad for a horse of my own. We had two horses, but neither could I ride on my own. Finally when I was eleven my dad brought home a horse that my uncle had. Gidget. Gidge had been a very good horse, very well mannered and gentle. However, Gidge had also been fielded with sheep without being ridden for a very long time.
I was sooo excited to finally have a horse of my own!
Gidget came with her own hackamore bridle. This bridle doesn't have a bit to go in the mouth. Gidget used to be ridden with this type of bridle in the past.
Shortly after Dad brought home Gidge I decided to take her out on a ride, using the hackamore. The first part of the ride went well. We went all over the neighborhood. Then suddenly Gidget bolted and took off running with me. I pulled the reins in as far as I could. Her chin must have been pulled to her chest I had pulled back so hard. She would not stop. Finally she came to a field and I started turning her in circles making them tighter and tighter until finally she had to stop. I jumped off fast as I could.
I was so heartbroken that this dream horse had turned out so rotten. I called my dad from a friend's phone and told him I couldn't ride her home. I had him come get her.
Had I never gotten back on Gidge using a new bridle with a bit, I probably would have lost any desire to ride a horse again and lived in fear of riding for the rest of my life. Luckily, there's a saying, "If your horse bucks you off, get right back on again." For one, the horse can't be taught that it can get rid of it's rider for good by bucking it off, and two, it's important to face it and get over it.
When Jake was 12 he broke his leg skiing. He won't ski anymore. If he never tries it again, he will never master it and get over his fear and learn to enjoy it. I feel bad for him, not knowing the joy that comes from skiing.
Had I not gotten back on Gidge, I'd never have had the joys I had the next two years of riding her. Visiting the mountains, showing in horse shows, riding in parades or spending the lazy summer on horseback.
I told Josh this story. Maybe it didn't make sense to him, or it was too over his head. I talked to him about all the fun things he's done in school and he tried to act like they were no big deal. I told him if he lets one teacher ruin that for him, he'll never know the other fun things he could have. He'll miss out.
He's still thinking about what he wants to do.
I'm trying to get a meeting with the Principal and us to see if he can convince Josh that it will be better in another class.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My oldest son Jake turned 17 today.  We celebrated last night because today everyone's schedules are crazy.  We had Leeann Chin for dinner and chocolate chocolate cake for dessert after Joel got home from his second job.  We had a little "treasure hunt" for him to find his presents, I think he had fun. 
I still don't know how we got so lucky to have such a great kid.  Love you Jake!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Put Away

Today I finished packing up all of my photography things.  Backdrops, cameras, lighting, books, files, folders, CD's, etc.  All taken/ ready to be taken to our storage unit.  I've found that I don't have the time, energy or desire to do photography right now.  I just don't have it in me.  I remember struggling with it last year, being tired of being stuffed into boxes, wanting to break free.  Then this last year was a busy one for me.  I needed the business because Joel was laid off and we needed extra money.  But also, that meant I was busy editing and meeting deadlines.  Nobody picked up my slack here with the kids.  Nobody played hoops with the kids.  Nobody took them swimming.  Nobody took them to the playground.  I did get them to a few playgroup meetings but not many. Nobody took them to the library.  The exchange of work versus the toll on my kids was not worth it to me.  If given the chance again, I would have put my photography away and spent that time with my kids.  They needed me more than I needed the money. 
And now I have a child that needs me more than ever.  He's had a horrible experience at public school and I've had to pull him out of his classes and enroll him in a virtual school, he'll be schooled here at home, but in a public school program.  I need to rebuild my kid again.  Turn him back into the confident, behaved, smart kid that loved school and learning.  I don't know if I can do that.  I hope I can.  I'm going to give it my best shot.  All I know is that I can't leave him where he is.  The risks are too great.
So now I've packed up all my things and done what I should have done last year.  This time I'm making the right choice.  No regrets.
I don't know when I'll pick up clients again.
 Before deciding to pull my son out of public school I had decided to go back to college for a Bachelor's in Special Education.  I still plan on that.  I had hoped that I'd still be picking up weddings during my college time.  I'd like to put money away for our oldest son's mission fund. Because of my contracts for weddings giving me 8 weeks for editing, I will have time to study and edit.
Now, I'm not sure what I will do, or when.  I guess I'll take it one day at a time.
BTW, I can't find spell check on here! Sorry for any typos.