Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ba Boom! Ba Boom!

That is the sound my throbbing head would make if it made a noise. I have the WORST migraine today.
This morning when I opened my bedroom window to cool off the room I looked out on my car and noticed the the licence plate was bent in an unusual way that it was not yesterday. I mentioned this to Joel who mentioned back to me that my airbag light came on when he pulled up to the house this morning. I sent him out to get the manual to see how urgent it was that I got my car in to be serviced and while he was out he noticed that my front bumper was all smashed up, I had not noticed when looking out. GRRRRR! He doesn't know what happened and he said Jake wasn't driving today (he's grounded from driving at this time). I don't remember doing anything.
Joel thinks someone hit my car. I think someone pulled up on a snow bank because this morning there was fresh snow chunks in the front hole below the plate, and when I took these pictures after having my car serviced, there is no snow. I would think if my car had been driven around to several places after it bit a snow mound, say to husband's work, then home then to the church then to the school then to home, those pieces would have fallen out at some point. I guess I'll never know what really happened to it. I am surprised that it has stayed this nice for this long.

In good news, here's a picture of Jake in his medal he got last week...

He took second place out of eight at Blaine's tournaments.


Lisa said...

You'd better check out the home association lady's car.
Congrats Jake!
Jenn- you need to read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" it's a fun read and very touching. I will invite you on Goodreads and you can get book recommendations from friends and people you trust!

Jen said...

Thanks Lisa!

Anonymous said...

Oh bummer about the van! The nerve of some people. How Rude!

Congrats to Jake on his medal!

hmm....curious about why is grounded from driving?