Sunday, February 7, 2010

He's going back!

He decided that he will give a new teacher a try. I think it sweetened the pot more, knowing that his classroom will be two doors down from Jaeden's class. They can eat breakfast at school, walk to class, and then to the bus together. They are both excited about this. I love that they are so close to each other.
The other day someone asked me again if Jaeden and Joy are twins. It always takes me off guard when they ask, because they don't look anything alike. Maybe it's because Joy is big and Jaeden is small? Joy has reddish brown hair and Jaeden has blond hair and although some features are similar, they don't have the same face either. But Jaeden belongs in our family. She has a really great life here. She's being raised in a loving and wholesome environment where she is nurtured and loved and taught good things. Kathy made the best choice of her life letting Jaeden be raised by us. She knows her natural grandparents and aunts. Very little questions in her life. It's good.

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