Saturday, July 24, 2010


I saw that my teacher graded my paper today and I ended up with an over all score of 88.8%, so I'm happy with that. It was a frustrating class and I am so HAPPY to have it over! The grade on my last paper was a bit of a let down. I worked really hard on it.
Thanks to Michelle, I now know how to better search for a professor that will suit me. Thanks Michelle!!!
I am looking forward to my fall classes, especially now that I've dropped a Communications class that was being taught by someone I'm sure would have had me in tears. And I'm looking forward to the Humanities class I picked up instead, and a stain glass class. I'm also going to be taking Introduction to Art History and General Psychology. I think all four classes will interest me.

Monday I have an appointment with the school secretary to begin the process of trying to get Joy into full day Kindergarten. I'm going to apply for a child care grant, and hope that they give me enough that I can put her in for the full day. This way I can take classes whenever I need and study while the kids are in school. Then I have their time at home to help them with work and have family time. Jacob did full day Kindergarten, I don't understand why they don't do it at every school. Seems to me most kids are in daycare anyway, might as well have them learning instead.
So, other than that meeting and couple of oil changes, and this last week of t-ball, my schedule is wide open for 4 weeks! Wahoo!!!! I have some fun plans for me and my kids during those 4 weeks, that we are all excited about.

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Michelle said...

You are welcome. :) Sounds like you have a great set of classes! I hope you're able to get Joy into full day like you want. Question though, why do you have to get a grant for it? Is it not a public school?