Friday, April 1, 2011

Out like a Lion

RAWRRRrrrrr! Haha. Ok, it's been months (actually since October) since I colored my hair last. So a couple of weeks ago I colored again because my roots were getting to be about 2 inches long. I went to school one week, and then the next week my classmate came in and said, "whoa!" when he saw me. I said "what?" and he said, "your hair." I explained to him that I was wearing my wash and go look, and that I had finally got around to coloring my hair, to which he said, "What made you choose that color?".... wow, way to make a girl feel great.

So here is my new lions mane look I've been sporting since I've decided that nobody cares how I look and I'm just too tired and worn out to care myself, lol.


Anonymous said...

Watusi said, "Whoa! Did she get a makeover?" He was impressed and liked it a lot. So do I. Also what is this new voice recognition toy you have? Sounds fun to me. Love all y'all. Turbo

Carla said...

Hi Aunt Jenny, I found your blog! I think you look absolutely darling--color, wash n go, the whole package. I only wish I could look so cute on days I'm too tired and worn out to care. Carla

Michelle said...

Ohhh I like it! Fierce Jen to the rescue!!