Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bear Den Camera

I have been leaving the window to this site open for the last day or two, and coming when I hear noises. This den in Ely Minnesota is being shared by two female bears, Hope and Lily. Lily is the mama bear, Hope is almost 2 years old. Lily is about to have another baby, most likely before January 22. I'm hoping to see a live black bear birth, wouldn't that be a treat!?
Check it out yourself. You have to watch a 15 second commercial before the camera comes on.
(Also today when I was watching Lily covered the camera with straw, so I'm hoping she moves the straw down before she has her new baby/babies.)

Lilly and Hope Bear Cam

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Michelle said...

This is the coolest thing to watch. How did you ever find it? I hope you get to see a live birth! IM if you do, I keep forgetting to check. :D