Friday, November 20, 2009

Got cheese to go with my whine?

I hate being so negative. I really try to be like President Hinckley, looking at the brighter side, finding the silver lining, etc. But I am just at my wits end right now and I'm feeling overwhelmed! I don't know how my mom did it with 6 kids. I feel like there's not enough hours in the day to get done what I need to get done, plus what I'd like to get done, plus what the kids want done.
Jake's wrestling is starting next Monday and I am sooooooooo dreading it. It's so much time and I really rely on him to help me get my things done... like babysitting so I can get grocery shopping done. I have to pick him up every day at 5 at the school because for some reason he can't ride the activity bus home.
I need to look at that "Simplify" sign by my door more often.
I'm so behind in my Christmas shopping. Usually I am done before Thanksgiving. I know what I want to get my kids and I buy it before they fly off the shelves on Black Friday. I hate knowing what I want to get them, and then not being able to find any at the stores.
This year- I have no list, no clue.
I've been meaning to go all week long, but one thing or another has come up that's left me without a babysitter, or my free time was snatched up by something else and still here I sit with only one toy purchased. I bought it 3 weeks ago.

Now, the kids are out of school all next would think I've have plenty of time to go... not so! Jake's wrestling starts on Monday and his coach wants him at the school even TWICE a day. Once in the morning for a few hours, then home for a couple hours for lunch and then back at the school again for a couple of more hours. Don't they know I like to stay out all day and then take it all up to storage before I come home?! I don't want to go out for a couple hours here, come back home, take kids somewhere, hang out at home while kid is gone, go get kid, go out again, etc. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
I know I'm just being a big fat whiner.
I'm ok with that today.
I'm just at the point where I have to say, "Not one more thing!!!!"
I've had to turn down clients now also, because of this crazy schedule. That's not good. We could use the extra cash. But then on the other hand there's times, like today, where I have a client and it gets cancelled due to something or another and boy does it feel great to have that extra time to get something else checked off my "to do list". I'm sorry about her daughter's bangs, but it was great all the stuff I did get done today. I was sad when I was on a roll and it had to come abruptly to a halt because I just remembered that the scouts have a sleep over tonight! UGH! One more evening I won't get a dang thing done... grrrrrrrr!
Excuse me, but I really have to say that the scouts going camping every month is getting freaking annoying. It always seems to be on the worst possible weekend for our family and everything has to get put on hold because we depend on Jake so much to keep our family life going. The scouts need a new goal.

I think tomorrow I will wake up sick. What will I have? A haunted leg.

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Ginabear said...

Yay for haunted legs, they are the absolute best! Sorry life is so crazy busy! I hope it calms down soon! (((HUGS)))