Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken, Airplane, Soldier

Did you know that teaching a child to swim was as easy as teaching them to imitate first a chicken, then an airplane, then a soldier? Well, actually it takes a little more than that, but those are the moves that Joy learned today at her first swimming lesson. I signed her up at the YMCA for the "pike" class, which is the first step of not having mommy in the water with you and they told me for her next class she can just skip "pike2" and go onto "eels".
Her classes are at a YMCA I haven't been to before and wowie, oh wow! are the workout machines ever high tech! You have a code that you put in and the machine keeps track of what you did and emails you a report. Makes it easy to track your progress. The treadmills have their own little fans and televisions and a super cool touch screen. The kids area where I leave Joy is like a huge McDonald's play land, slides and all kinds of stuff to play on, all indoors. The outdoors one is super cool too. The indoor pool has a fun kids swimming area. Our other YMCA's indoor pool is just an Olympic sized pool with no kid's bay. Booooring! I have a new favorite place for "me time".
I met a really cool lady there while I waited for Joy's class. Her youngest son was in the same class. We got to talking about our families and she was telling me about a recent diagnosis in her oldest son's life that might be life threatening. She will know more next monday at an eye doctor's appointment if there is worry about tumors in his brain. Very heartbreaking and so sad to see someone so nice facing something like that.

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