Friday, October 30, 2009


Today marks the 6th anniversary of Jaeden's adoption being final.

She was born on a Friday the 13th and her adoption was final on October 31. I think that's kind of funny because she is the brightest little ray of sunshine we could have asked for, nothing that those two days would suggest. My little lucky charm.

She was the tiniest little thing when she was born. I've never held a baby so tiny. 5 pounds 4 ounces. Jake kept commenting that she probably didn't weigh more than his large Mountain Dew bottle he'd brought with him. Joel and I gave her her first bath.

I am so lucky to be her mom. She's brought us so much joy. Always smiling. Always happy. Rarely does she really lose it or get mad. I just love her to pieces and am so thankful for the "stars that alligned" that August day we found out we would have a new baby girl in our lives.

I'm so blessed.


Ginabear said...

She is sooo freakin adorable and is such a lucky little girl to be part of such an amazing family! I miss those cheeks! She says the funniest almost grownup things sometimes. Happy Anniversary all of you!

Jen said...

Thanks Gina! We are the lucky ones :)

Anonymous said...

What a doll she is, too.....

Makes us all happy!
luv ya,