Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A few things are making me happy today.
First might I mention the most awesomely exciting game last night between the Packers and the Vikings. I was expecting an eventful game and the edge of my seat was not disappointed.

Second, I got my tickets for Time Out For Women, this morning. I went to this a couple of years ago and it was such an awesome experience! I'm soooo looking forward to this next one. And this time we get TWO days!
On Friday Michael McLean will be there and I just LOVE his work. His music is so heartfelt and inspiring.
On Saturday I'm looking forward to the talented Cherie Call performing and also the witty and refreshing Mary Ellen Edmunds. I'm sure all of the other speakers I've failed to mention here will soon be on the top of my "people I admire" list.
It's going to be a good time :)

ETA: I also forgot to mention something else that makes me happy today and that is the news that my husband's boss left him a note that Zeiss has doubled their order and my husband will have plenty of work for the next while.... YEAH!!!


Kate said...

HOORAY for TOFW! I'm so excited for you to get to go again! :)

Jen said...

Thanks Kate!!!

Anonymous said...

Well sounds like you are excited for that! It's always to go to something fun...especially when it is a womens only type of thing. LOL And Congrats for Joel getting more work too!


JoAnne and The Fam said...

Sounds like a great time. Lots of happy happy things. :)