Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I want to send a shout out to my friend JoAnne who is celebrating her birthday today!

She got her birthday wishes from me early, by accident, but I'm posting them again on the RIGHT day, lol!
Many moons ago our planet was blessed by an adoreable (I've seen her little kid pictures) little girl named JoAnne. And only a couple of moons ago my life was blessed by getting to know her.
I feel so lucky to have a friend like her. It's been super fun sharing photography with her and watching her just take off in her talent and skills.
It's been fun sharing other interests too. I've learned a lot from her, not just about couponing or plants or gardening, but spiritual and mom stuff too.

I love spending time with her. She makes me laugh a LOT.

She always has fun and creative ideas for us to do together.

I hope she has a really great year and that she gets all her birthday wishes to come true.


Ginabear said...

Happy Birthday Joanne! I am crackin up at the birthday hats in the pics. Jen you always make me laugh!

JoAnne and The Fam said...

Thanks for the birthday post!
You are so funny. I wish I could delete a couple of those pics. Yikes! Did you "dodge" my legs whiter? All my life growing up, my brother used to ask if I was wearing white nylons.