Saturday, September 11, 2010

"No" is not a word I use very often with people (besides my kids). I hate asking people for something, so when I know someone has the courage to ask me, I try to say yes if I can. Sometimes this gets me in over my head. Like when I wanted to help out on the neighborhood association, but also wanted to help out photographing the wrestling team for the high school.
My friend Michelle, the other day, helped me work through some feelings I was having about not being able to say no. I really have to work on it. As I do, I hope people don't get mad or feel offended, but I really have to practice saying "no" more. Starting today.
If you have a problem with it, take it up with Michelle. Hee hee.


Lisa said...

I discovered (yet again) that saying no the first time is waaaaaaay better than saying yes, then realizing you made a big mistake and having to say no after you've made the commitment. It's also better than hating the situation you are in because you said yes but are now being angry toward someone else because you couldn't say no. I'm like you, but I'm getting much better at saying no. Though Mark may disagree :).

Michelle said...

You are very sweet however, I'm not sure I did much but if I helped in a small way, I'm glad. I used to be a yes person all the time but I've learned to be more careful. It's good to donate time and talent but sometimes, you need to relax with a bowl of ice cream. :D

BTW, thanks for sending people to beat me up over your new attitude. That makes me feel all sorts of special. ;)