Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday's Wedding

On Saturday I felt really lucky to second shoot a wedding for Dominique again. I love shooting for her, she gets such unique clients with amazing venues for their weddings. This one was in Red Wing at the Round Barn B&B. Click on the link to watch a video tour of the place.
On my way there, my GPS took me through Prescot Wisconsin, and then back over the river into Red Wing. BIG MISTAKE! I got stuck in the middle of thousands of bikers and felt very awkwardly out of place in my baby blue mini-van. There was a Fall Flood Run and I'm not kidding when I say thousands of bikers. Eeeeks! Luckily I got out of there without hitting anyone with my van, as they would just pull out onto the road willi-nilly and never used blinkers.
It was a cool fall-feeling day, the ceremony was out in the back yard by a trellis of flowers. The bride was so adorable! She reminded me of my neice Carla, but her disposition was more like my sister DeAnna. Often she would catch the attention of someone and say, "Thank you! I don't know what you are doing, but I just know you are doing something!" She was so generous with her appreciation to everyone who was making her wedding day happen.
After the ceremony we moved into the barn for the reception. The barn is amazing! They seated everyone upstairs and each table was an eclectic gathering of vintage-looking centerpieces and each serving plate, water and wine glass was different from any other. After the dinner and toasts there was a space cleared for dancing and boy did they dance up a storm! I was downstairs running a photo-booth that Dominique wanted to try out, and I could hear everyone stomping at the same time to Cotton Eye Joe and I thought the place was going to fall down on me!
Later I went up for some dancing pictures because the photo booth was running dry and they did some jewish dance holding the bride and groom up in chairs and breaking glass, while playing Hava Nagila, even thou' the ceremony seemed to be Christian. But they all had good fun.
Luckily I got some great directions to get home a different way and avoided the bikers.

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