Thursday, November 25, 2010

Puppy Love

And they called it "puppy love"... Ooooo la la.
I am so in love with this little guy. He reminds me a lot of our old dog Scout, who was the best dog ever.
This little guy got named Buddy when we brought him home. He is a 4 month old manchester terrier. At this time he's a little under 9 lb, about the size of a grown cat. He's a little under nourished. I can tell he hasn't lived in a home, he was scared of a toilet the first time it flushed and now he tries to see what's going on in there when he hears it. He also doesn't seem to like other dogs, as he growls really ferociously at the neighbors ugly little furballs. They deserve it for being so ugly. He is excited to look for rabbits when ever we go outside and almost doesn't want to take time out of rabbit hunting to potty. He's a very sweet little cuddler and I love that so much! I've missed my little Scouts cuddles.

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Michelle said...

He is so cute!! I'm glad you can have extra cuddles with him! That can really help when you have a cruddy day.