Monday, December 6, 2010

One more week of classes and then winter break. YAY! And also bah! Although I'm happy to have some of these classes end, I'm a little sad to know some people I've met, I may never see again. Every class I have I have made a friend and wish that I could have more classes with them. One gal, in my psychology class is so cool. She's a little older than I am (and how sad I am to know that I'm going to be one year closer to 40 next week, boooo!) and she totally reminds me of Sarah Palin, only smarter, and a lot less annoying. I'm going to miss her.
This is Reiley, she let me take her picture last week when we were performing a water/acid rain test. My stupid Blackberry takes horrible pictures (I'm spoiled by my Canons), but I think she looks adorable, anyway.

She's in my biology class.
Speaking of turning 39.... I never, ever, ever thought I would live this long! Seriously. If some of you know me, and some of you do, you know that for many, many years I was not living in a way that was kosher with living a long happy healthy life. I know I'm getting older, and this week I was reminded that my eyes are getting older too (stupid biology project), but I still feel like my mid 20's and so it's really hard for my mind to grasp my actual age. I mean, it's not a big deal to me, but it's still a mind boggler.
Buddy is still living with us. He's a chewer and a biter. I'm finding myself hooking him up to a long leash for hours every day and controlling every move he makes. The vet said I should do that, that he should be in puppy boot camp and can't make a move without my permission. That's what I'm doing. So far he's mastered "sit" and a little bit of "stay" and "lay down". And he's totally mastered the kisses and cuddles. I need people to come over so I can socialize him and make him sit nicely when people come in the house.

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Anonymous said...

It's a funny thing about age; I never expected to have children over 50 and me still be alive. I also feel somewhat ageless. I know I can't physically do things I used to do but it's hard to wean my mind into remembering that I have to do things differently now. In fact everything I do is different because of age. I have to remember that my spirit is probably several million years old but I certainly don't feel that old.