Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Found It!

We found the home that we've been looking for!
I'm so glad that it didn't take until next spring, but also, I almost wish it did.
It has everything we wanted, PLUS it doesn't make me feel like I'm going to miss my home. I didn't think I would find that.
Tonight we are waiting to hear back from the sellers if they have accepted our offer. We have asked for a closing date of October 3. I am hoping that isn't too far out for them. If our house hasn't sold by then we may not move until the end of October. I have a final test on October 20 and don't want to be moving before that is done. That will help me do my best on the test. Although, Joel is free to pack us up and move us if he wants. wink.
Jacob has decided he doesn't want to move with us. This makes me sad. He plans to live with his grandparents in Brooklyn Center while he finishes up school. We will miss him so much! I hope he finds the time to drive up to see us often!

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