Thursday, May 14, 2009


I LOVED the look of this shoe I found at Famous Footwear so I checked them out at my local store.

Sadly they weren't cushy enough for me but as I looked around I found these shoes. And even though they are a biking shoe, I don't think they don't look it at all and oh my gosh my feet are in HEAVEN! So soft and cushy, I just Love, love, love them. I want to wear them to the gym on the treadmill even, lol! I got them in black and I think they are going to be awesome to wear this Saturday to the wedding I'm shooting.I love that the tread on them are grippy for hiking around, but the style makes them look a little dressier than casual shoe. The strap keeps them on my feet when I crouch down for shooting and they bend really nicely. I now have the shoes of my dreams.


Justin and JoAnne said...

You need to buy more than one pair, lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh those look nice. I want some too! You should have bought more than one pair know how it happens. You love something so much then something happens to them and you can't find it in the store again.


Jen said...

LOL. I could barely afford these ones, let alone two! :)