Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, so far we haven't heard a thing from the job placement place, I guess the company needing an employee didn't call back or something. He hasn't had any other calls, so far as I know but he hasn't been great at communicating with me lately.

Also Joel's old boss called and said he might have work for Joel and would call back, but never did. Joel threw out all of his machining shirts just before Ron called. I was hoping it would be a liberating experience for him, but I guess his attachment goes deeper than I thought.

While Gina was visiting and we were at my husband's graduation ceremony my brother called to tell me that my dad had had a heart attack within a couple of hours of his phone call. Thankfully Dad got to the hospital in time to save his life and to avoid open heart surgery. They were able to put stints in his heart without cutting him open. What a miracle and blessing. He's doing really well at this time, exercising and totally not sponging it up like I would have.

I had a really great visit with Gina. I wish she could have taken me out east with her when she left! She took my new avitar picture, I love it! Miss you girl.


Ginabear said...

Jen!!! I sooo miss you!! I had such a blast with you and would have gladly taken you with me when I left! I am so glad your dad is doing well. I hope Joel gets a job soon, ugh, what a pain in the butt!! Gotta love that child size scoop of ice cream huh? And what a great photog I am, hehe

Anonymous said...

First off Congrats to Joel on his graduation. Second off I hope your father will do well and by the sounds of it I'm sure he will.

Sounds like you have been a busy bee lately! I was wondering when you where going to put up a new post. LOL