Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I love long weekends! Of course the kids are off of school on Monday for Memorial Day. We hadn't made any fun plans because of the lack of funds this week. I'm trying to make a really large payment on a credit card, so we are digging into our food storage heavily.
On Friday Joel and I attended the temple and it reminded me that we have not finished his family's work for the people that we had baptized a few years ago. So I brought it up to him that now would be a good time to work on that while he is not working. So, now tomorrow we have plans to go up north to where his grandparents are buried so that we can get his grandmother's parents name, so that we can have his grandparent's endowments and sealing done.
Also this week I started teaching a lady who contacted me wanting to learn everything about my business. She is moving to a far away state at the end of June and was thinking of having her own photography business, so that she can be home for her children when they need her, but also so that she has something to do and help with family finances. This last week was covering how to use her SLR. I have 6 more lessons set up. She's paying me by the hour. It won't be a lot of money coming in, but every bit helps and I've found that I really love teaching people what I know about photography.
I also got a chance to second for another photographer friend next week for a wedding he's shooting. I'll get paid for that also.
I just wanted to mention how much Heavenly Father is blessing us at this time. I've loved having the extra work and also it's been really nice having Joel at home, I'm starting to enjoy it.

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Justin and JoAnne said...

Heavenly Father is truly awesome. It's amazing how much he blesses us all of the time. I love that you have talents to share with people. That is a blessing to others as well.

(I liked the "starting to enjoy it" line.)