Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, they took all of Roger's toes off. He's in a transfer house learning to walk and use stairs without them. He will be there for over a month.

Jacob's graduation is on the 7th. And he's graduating with Honors! YAY! We are so excited about this! I can't wait! I have been wanting to take his picture for the last couple of weeks but his work and the kids soccer practices have us booked. I'm so sad I haven't gotten to do it yet. Very sad. He gets his cap and gown on Friday so maybe I will get a few shots with those too.

In the fall he will be getting his Associates Degree. We are hoping he will get to spend a semester at BYU before going out for his mission. I am even more excited for him to do this! I just know he will love it and my family will be so happy to have him around, they will love it! Life for him is so exciting right now!

My math class so far is going good. I think I have a good teacher. He's made things so much more clearer than any other teacher I've had before. This is encouraging! Hopefully my instincts are right. I'd really love to be able to get an A in that class. I don't start my Educational Psychology until July 5.

Josh and Jaeden are taking soccer this summer. I was a loser mom and didn't get them signed up for baseball in time, so we had to settle for soccer. They both, luckily, are very athletic and coordinated so they do well in any sport they do. They played soccer a couple of years ago, so they already know how to play. I still have to decide on something to sign up Joy for. She's a little tricky in the skills/interests area.

I took Buddy for a long walk today and worked on walking past people on the trails without trying to jump on them. He did pretty good! It was a bummer that the trails are paved in black and were hot, so I had him walking in the grass. Needless to say I was picking ticks off of him after the walk. YIKES! I hate those buggars.

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JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

Ewwww! for ticks but nice of you to get out on a walk!