Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm in the market for a good deal...

Joel and I have decided that it might be time soon for us to get back into a regular home. But we don't want just any home. This home has to have certain things to be worth it to us.
These are some of our requirements:
1) payments can't be more than our lot rent, some fixing up is ok, after all we know to get a good deal we'll have to put more money into it and some elbow grease.
2) it must have property and space between our house and our neighbors.
3) must have air conditioning.
4) must have 2 bathrooms and enough room to either have/create 4 bedrooms.

We have one property that we are looking into, but not getting my hopes up for it just yet. It has to go through an auction before I can do a walk through. So if it doesn't sell on the 7th, we will call and ask for a walk through. It went through auction in February and didn't sell, so I'm hoping I have a chance to look at it closer.  It has some water damage in the basement that we need to check out first as well.
Here's some pictures of it...
AWESOME oak tree in the front.  Landscaping needs major pulling and cleaning up.

The view of the house from the road. 

Cool circle window in the dining room. West side of the house.

Fun porch to hang a swing or place a glider. I could see us when we are old and retired hanging out on the porch watching the grandkids play in the yard.

Some of the front porch needs replacing. The old one is out somewhere in the 20 acre woods behind the house :) I would love to created some four wheeler trails behind there!

But, as I said, it might not be available after the 7th, and also I might not want it if I find the water damage is signs of a serious problem.

If anyone knows of any foreclosed homes that fit our needs, let me know!


Shelly said...

Ummmmm..... that house had better be in our ward.....

The Flying Banana said...

Cool looking house! Good luck as you look to relocate. I'll keep you in my prayers. It's such a big decision!
Kind of exciting, too.