Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I caught a bug!

It's not a ladybug, it's not a spider, it's not even a mosquito. It's a flubug. Ever heard of one of those? It looks like this...
Adoreable, isn't he? Oh yes, and he's so much fun. We sneeze together, and cough together. It's a regular old pitty party here. As cute as he is, I don't want to share him, so you can't come to our party, I'm not inviting you. Don't feel bad. Here, you can have my haunted leg for a while. That's much more cooler than catching a flubug.

Another Note:

Two weeks ago while we were at an Emergency Preparedness Fair, Joel and I were inside a Mobile Command Center, which is this huge bus like vehicle that the police use for a headquarters in times of emergency or SWAT stuff. It is a surveillance vehicle that doubles as a command center for the police to meet, make plans, rest, use the potty, etc.

Anyway, as we were going out, our Bishop and one of his counselors were coming in. We said hi, exchanged pleasantries and then as I was about to leave the Bishop says, "Oh by the way, we have a different calling in mind for you, instead of the bulletin." Oh yeah? He then asked me if I would be willing to be the second counselor in a new Primary Presidency. Aha. And if my husband would be willing to support me in such a huge calling. He said, "yes". I think he was inside screaming, "SCORE! Now I can finally get released from teaching those out of control 10-12 year olds!". But he did not let it show in his face. He has a great Poker face.

I had to ask if that was the weirdest place the Bishop's extended a calling. He said it was right up there on the list.

So as of this week I still have three callings because they didn't release me from the Enrichment Leader, or as a Primary Teacher, and they still have me doing the bulletin until someone else gets called for that.... so really that makes 4 callings.


Lorie said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. We all got a flubug last winter and I really would rather not repeat that this year. We all could not do much of anything for about 2 weeks it hit us all so bad!
Congrats on your new calling. You will be great!

Kate said...

*sending anti-flubug vibes your way*
And wow . . . what an interesting place to be given a calling! You'll do great! :)

Jen said...

Hey girls! Thank you. Oh man, I hope it doesn't last that long for me, Lorie! Tonight I have to give a spiritual thought and help conduct an Enrichment activity on Family Reunions and I am soooo sick. I can't call in sick for it because all but one counselor in the RS is out of town and it's all on me and two other ladies, and seeing how I'm the EL, I prolly should at least show up and give my message.

Ginabear said...

awwwww, aint he cute?? NOT!! Evil flubug, pickin on my Jen like that!! He is evil and must be destroyed!! Maybe the ghost in your leg will take care of him, muhahaha! Haunted legs rock!! Sorry you feel like crud but even sorrier that you have to go out and try to talk, ugh, soooo time for you to be released!! I know you are like...superwoman...but come on!! Hope you kick this bugs butt soon!! (((HUG)))

Michelle said...

Sorry you caught the bug and sorry for the overload of callings. Hopefully by Sunday, most of it will be gone.