Friday, August 29, 2008


I was surfing around the Internet the other day and visited The Pioneer Woman's Blog, I visit her often. I never leave comments because usually there are already 200 or so comments, and I never have anything more clever than the first 200 people have to say... however, I do read. She's really fun to read and I'm loving reading her romance story about her and her husband "Marlboro Man".
Anyway, she is a very talented person, she does a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and has pictures to prove it all. She has a photography blog, a cooking blog and a confessions blog and a home and garden blog.
So the other day I wandered over to her cooking blog and took a look-see around and saw on the left hand side of her site is a list of the top 5 recipes that get requested at her house and saw this beautiful gem. (cue the sunrays and angel choir)

It looked so easy, and so yummy and it was #1 on her list... I just had to try it. OH MY GOSH, I am so glad I did! These are truly the yummiest desert I have had in such a long time. I could eat the whole pan myself! But then I would ruin my diet and feel guilty and then the guilt would take over me and then I would feel despair and make another batch to drown my guilt into, and thus would begin a vicious cycle to a 300 lb. Jen. No wonder it was #1 on her list!

You have to try them... really.


You probably have everything you need in your kitchen...

unless you are LDS... then you might have to run for a can of Mt. Dew (although someone used sprite and it worked too)... the caffeine cooks out of it....


Oh and they are great with whipped cream.


Ginabear said...

Ok, these are apples?? They look like fried chicken!! LOL Cant wait to try them, the way you talked about them, even "I" could make them, hehe.

Michelle said...

Note to self: Don't check Jen's blog when wanting dessert.

Note to Jen: THANK YOU!