Monday, September 1, 2008


I got to photograph my first LDS wedding. I was so excited about this wedding because I would really love to only do LDS weddings if it were possible. Be the photographer that caters to those couples being married in the Temple.

This bride was absolutely stunning! I am just now downloading pictures to my computer to work on, and might not get around to them until next week because of a load of reasons, but I just wanted to share a picture or two that I took while waiting for them while they were in the Temple.

Click on image to see larger version.



Kate said...

Very nice work Jen! I hope you can be THE LDS wedding photographer soon! :)

Ginabear said...

Those are beautiful Jen! Even though I hate bees, that one is amazing!! I can see the wings and everything, awesome shot! I cant wait to see more!! I am sooo glad you had a good experience with this one, you needed it after your last few ;) I hope the "load" of reasons goes away soon so you can play with them. You know how impatient I am;)

Beth said...

WOWSER! I *love* that last picture!! What a lucky couple to get you for their photographer.

Michelle said...

Great job!! That second pic is so unique, to me anyway, I love it! I think the couple is going to love their pictures. :)

Jen said...

Thanks girls!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am really excited to see these!

Luv it!