Friday, September 26, 2008


For the last several days I have had some wonderful guests at my home, and I am so sad to see them go. I told my sister she couldn't have them back, but then she tried to talk them into kidnapping me. Alas, neither of us won. Well, she did kind of win because she's getting our parents back in a couple of days.
This morning my parents departed and headed back for Utah.
But we had a very nice visit and I am so thankful for the sacrifices they've made to come visit my little family again. AND this time they even let me cook for them! Finally, I wore them down.
I was scheduled to photograph a new little one in our ward, this evening, but it has been postponed due to illness. I have yet to see little Ellie, and have been really excited, and NERVOUS to do her session. Excited because she is a special little one, and daughter of a really amazing couple in our ward. Nervous because they have been super excited about the session too, and so I have some great expectations to live up to!


Ginabear said...

Sorry your parents had to leave so soon! I bet its a long and tiring trip for them! Dangit, your sister didnt try hard enough! I would have tugged right along with her;) But thats ok, I will see you in 9 days!! Yippeee!! Try not to be too nervous about your shoot, I it will be amazing and they will LOVE the pics!! Just a prediction;) Missed ya around here!!

Anonymous said...

How awesome that Mom and Dad got to come see you!!!! I wish I was an "ant" in their suitcase. I miss you!!!

Luv ya,