Saturday, September 27, 2008

The BEST Movie I've seen in a LONG TIME

Forever Strong

I am not a good writer, so I would never do this movie justice, but I have to say GO SEE IT, and take your 13 and up kids with you! I wish there were more movies like this out there. It is based on a true story and I think it kept real with reality. It's gotten some pretty hard knocks from critics (who I suspect are pro-letting kids drink and ruin their lives), but don't listen to them, SERIOUSLY, they are all *twirls her finger around her ear* wink, wink.
If you see it and love it, give the critics an earful, because with their negative attitudes we'll never get a good flood into the market of clean good movies.

Michelle, you should go see it and write a review, you're good at that!

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Anonymous said...

I've seen an advertisement for the movie. At your advice, I'll go see it, with my boys.
Luv ya,