Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time for reflection

I've been very busy in the last few days, but have had a lot of time for some personal reflection. Thinking about the past and where I am now. Where do I wish I was. How far I've come, how far I have to get to where I want to be going.
Ramona's funeral was beautiful. Lara spoke and did a beautiful job, telling us about her beautiful daughter and special things about her and her life.
Laura has such great faith. So does her husband. I admire them, and their strength. I admire how their trials have brought them closer.
I don't think my marriage would survive something like that. Hopefully we never have to find out.
Today I was listening to BYU tv, as I do every Sunday morning when I'm getting ready for church. There were a couple of lines that stood out to me from a speaker that was talking.
The first says, "Our character is determined by how we perform in meeting life's challenges."
I'm not sure what that says about my character. When I have difficult things come at me in life, I tend to draw nearer to God but push everyone else away.
Which also brings me to the second quote, "We are poor in character when we substitute getting by as a substitute for doing our best." I do tend to "up my game" when faced with challenges. I dig my heels in, tackle the problem, and turn to God more. I don't try to just survive, I want to beat what ever it is.... to a pulp if needs be. I think a lot of people can't handle that part of my personality. My husband is more the type to just let whatever happen, happen. One moment at a time. Me- I like to tackle it head on and clear it up right away. That makes it hard for us to resolve things together.
Don't get me wrong, I've had my days where it's just all I can do to get up in the morning. Thankfully those days are rare, and only last a day. I've never been one to just lay down and quit. I try not to confuse doing my best with just getting by.
Anyway, I'm just rambling.
My parents are in town for the week, I'm so looking forward to seeing them! I can't wait! My kids are super excited too. Have a great week.


Ginabear said...

Jen, once again you amaze me. I love that about you, not that you push others away but that you dig in your heels! You are such a strong person and I really do admire you! I learn so much from you and your thoughts and words always cause me to think about myself and where I want to be as well. Thank you for that! I hope you have fun with your parents, I know how excited you are to see them!

Anonymous said...

They are on their way! Oh, how excited they are to see you!!!!

Michelle said...

I need to be more like you when faced with a challenge. It's one of those things I struggle with. Thanks for the inspiration Jen.