Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Birth- the girls were watching something the other day that sparked a question from Jaeden.
Jaeden: Mom, where do babies come from?
Mom: They grow in your tummy.
Jaeden: Yeah, but how do they get out?
Mom: *knowing Jaeden's had a talk about her privates before explains where the baby comes out*
Jaeden: *strange look on her face*
Mom: Yeah, it hurts, but it doesn't last long.
Jaeden: *big sigh* When I have kids, I hope they are.... (big pause here, because she's thinking of the word...I'm thinking she is going to say something like "small").... adopted.

Awwww! I'm so glad that she has such a positive feeling about adoption.

Motherhood- So today she and Joy were talking and Jaeden said, "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up". And I told her, "Be a mommy". She said, "Besides that." I said, "You don't have to work, if you have kids after college, you should stay home with them and be a mommy. Don't send them to daycare." To which she responded, "Oh, no, my oldest kid can just watch them!"

Now before all of you get in a hissy fit and hit the respond button (which I am removing for this post by the way) It is my right, if I want, to encourage my children to view motherhood in a positive way. Not that they have to give up something to be a mom, but that it is a privilege and a blessing and honor to be able to be a mother. Not every woman can take it. Not every woman can do it, even if they wanted to, because of circumstances. But I want her going into adulthood with a PMA, and I see no sense in building my girls up to be prepared for failure or unexpected things. They can handle those when/if they come just like the rest of us do.
My stomach turns whenever I hear a mom complaining about having to spend time with her kids, or saying she has to work to keep her sanity, or how she doesn't feel fulfilled if she doesn't have a career. I get to listen to my MIL say all the time how she didn't want to be home with her kids. I find that, personally, very sad. And I cringe that she says that right in front of her kids. What kid wants to hear their mom say how she didn't like being with them and it would drive her nuts if she had to, no matter how old they are?