Monday, August 11, 2008

Sorry, and a Cheer!

The really cool video in the post below this is aparently not working. So I'll give you a direct link....

I love when the local airports here have air shows, it's fun to see the planes all flying around. Being in a staduim for a military flyby would be so awesome!

Skol Vikings! Let's win this game
Skol Vikings! Honor your name
Go get that first down
Then get a touchdown
Rock 'em, sock 'em, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! FIGHT!
Go Vikings, run out the score, you'll hear us yell for more!
Skol Vikings, let's go!

Our season has officially kicked off with the first of many pre-game games. I love football season. I love the games, the tailgating, the food, our once a year trip to see the Vikings play (will never again go to a Green Bay vs. Vikings game, big mistake). It's all so fun! And it's the first of the ushering in of Fall, my favorite season of the year. Apple orchards, leaves changing, weather cooling, back to school, food, harvests, sweaters.... I just LOVE IT!

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