Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ARGH! Setback.

Tuesday, last week, I walked 3 miles at the gym, just to check my time. I did it in just under an hour, but my shoe messed up my foot and it's STILL hurting today. I have been through several pairs of shoes, trying to find one that works with my high arches and how I put weight on the outside of the foot, putting a lot of pressure on the outside of my ankle as well. I've pretty much given up :(
I still want to be able to do the walk/run in honor of my friend Julie who died last year, but am frustrated on how to get myself to be able to do it if I can't find a shoe that doesn't mess my foot up.
I bought some new inserts for the shoes I have now, and will see if that improves my pain. I just need to get all my kids well again so I can get back to the Y.

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