Monday, June 1, 2009

I've never seen

anything like it before.
Last night was a crazy night.
Our wonderful home teachers, JoAnne and Justin, came over and we had a great visit. In the middle of the visit I had a friend come over to give me back my memory cards and a much appreciated check for second shooting a wedding for him this weekend. Then when our home teachers were leaving my husband bugged Justin about Jacob's bike. We have a few camping trips planned and his bike needs fixing before we can bring it. So while they are messing around with it we start hearing fighting out in the road, and look down the road to see about 15-20 teenagers having a verbal smack down in the road. I yelled at them to break it up or I'd be calling the police. Nobody heard me, there was so much yelling, and I don't think they cared anyway. I sent my kids into the house because I was worried about their safety and little ears and told Jake to call 911. There was a lot of swearing going on. Then I remember seeing two boys fist fighting on the ground. I'm wanting Justin and JoAnne to leave quickly because then I'm seeing pipes, sticks, rakes, chains with locks on the end of them being wielded around and I'm worried that there's a gun in there somewhere. Their van is in direct line for a badly aimed round.

I contemplated getting my camera, to identify the kids with later, when I complain to our land's owners and manager, but then I worried about retaliation if they end up being kicked out of here... no denying who took the pictures.

Police showed up in the neighborhood shortly after our call and the kids split up on their own, they didn't run, but walked in their own directions. One group of them, and who were directly involved, live on my road. I saw Chris, my neighbor whom I share neighborhood association representative duties on our road with. We both will be writing up reports to our manager and then also to the owners, because our manager does not have a good track record of following up with complaints by residents.

To me, the whole scene was surreal, I kept thinking, "this is so weird." It was not some little spat, it was big. And scary.

Edited since original post to add detail.

I hate cats.

Today I was attacked by my neighbor's cat that has not seen a vet since it was a baby. I have about 20 wounds on my legs and they really hurt :(
This morning my neighbor was sleeping and letting her little girl run around the neighborhood, unwatched. So I had her little girl over here playing with my girls. It was almost time to leave for play group so I started sending Chrissy home, but she asked me if she could come with. I thought it might be a nice thing for me to take her while her mom slept. So we went over to her house to ask her mom, and when Chrissy went in the house the cat came out onto the porch and completely went ballistic on me. The door was open, and it left me and went into the house and attacked Chrissy as well. She screamed and ran to the back of the house. I went home, and started to gather stuff to clean my wounds, but then decided to show the mom first what had happened, so I went over there and knocked on the door and ran off the porch (what a sight that must have been). She tried to come out but the cat was right there hissing and yelling and attacking the lady now. She screamed at it, "what's wrong with you!?" and threw it into the room. She came out and said that she didn't know what was wrong with the cat and that it's never acted like this before. I said to her, "are you sure? your kids are showing us all the time how they are getting bit and scratched." "Not like this", she said. I told her I wanted papers on any vaccinations the cat has. She hemmed and hawed, and it sounded like the cat has never been to the vet.
I then handed in a report to the office about the night before, and told him about the cat attack. Later the dad of the family with the cat went to the office and the manager told him to take the cat to the vet.
He took the cat to the vet, which is nice, but doesn't do me any good since they took it AFTER it attacked me. He came over to talk to me after, and give me a paper, but the paper doesn't mention any blood tests done. I don't think he gets it that the blood test doesn't say if the cat has rabies or not, but the cat attacked the vet as well, and also the guys little girl and wife today as well. Insane cat. If I die from rabies, I want to leave all my cameras to JoAnne :)


Ginabear said...

Wow Jen, sounds like a scene from West Side Story! That is really scary. Your neighborhood is never short of stories is it? I am sooo sorry about the psycho cat! Cat scratches hurt!! You better not die from rabies...where will I go when I come to MN?? lol I hope the pain doesnt last too long, that totally sucks rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I have never seen a group fight like that it must have been really scarey.

They way it sounds to me is that cat is possessed. Or maybe he is just mean because he wants to get away from the mom that sleeps while her little girl is playing alone outside.

Sorry about all your wounds and hopefully they heal ok. Poor little girl not only does she have a mom that doesn't seem to care but she has to live in a place and get attacked by a crazy cat all the time.


Stacey said...

That would be so scary! I'm glad your family is okay and the fight didn't escalate too much. :(

Sorry about psycho kitty. That would be really freaky!

Michelle said...

YIKES!!! Scary neighbors and scary kitty! Did you have to go to the dr for the scratches? If you did, I hope the neighbor pays for it. I'm so sorry. :(

Justin and JoAnne said...

Did you say "wonderful" home teachers because you knew I'd read this? ;)

"Yo bedda go home!" I keep getting that line through my head, with a vision of a rake being shaken.

Thanks for thinking of me if you die. What a compliment!