Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I guess that's why they call it the blues...

So, through the neighborhood grapevine I have heard that the fire at the house behind us (which on the backside looks like it was started on the ground outside) was not an act of arson, but a meth lab gone bad.
I thank heaven above that the house didn't blow up instead because our kids bedrooms are only yards away from where the fire was.
However, it has me feeling huge amounts of sadness for the two little children that lived there. Teja and Logan were my kids friends. Teja was in Josh's 1st grade class and Logan started Kindergarten in Jaeden's class but then got moved downstairs to another teacher's class when a fourth teacher was hired. These two kids were at our house all the time, and if the doorbell rang, it was usually them. Teja with her red hair and freckled face and large toothy grin would usually be the one to ask if Josh could come out and play.
Just last week she was talking to me telling me, "I haven't quite decided if I'm going to invite your family for my birthday". I asked her what day it was. It was supposed to be this coming weekend (and I'd told her we would be camping). I guess that party is on hold.
So is the end of Kindergarten and first grade. They will be missing the last two days of school. Gathering their things. Saying goodbye to friends they made this year and to the teachers that taught them.
I don't know where they've been taken to. I only know that after the fire a drug raid was done on the home and the children were removed and have been gone since.
Out on my drive this morning I was thinking that I don't think they'll ever be back. Insurance won't cover that damage, even if they had it. The doors are all smokey, windows busted out on the other side. Fire tape has been wound around the home. I think the home will have to be destroyed unless they have money to fix it, and that money probably came from selling meth. I think we'll probably see a backhoe there someday soon.
I feel sad for the children's innocence lost. Theirs and mine. My children have been told what happened. They don't understand what it means to be "cooking drugs", but they know that drugs are bad, and now they know that drugs can burn up homes and make kids be taken away from their parents. And they know that sometimes other little kids parents don't make the best choices or protect their kids from that kind of thing.
My heart is just so full of sadness, for those kids, for my kids, for the whole earth and all the crap that goes on in it.


Anonymous said...

Wow some people are incredibly stupid. It is one thing to put your own life in danger by making drugs in your own house but to put your kids in danger too! It makes me so mad. Those children can get sick just from being in the house! I feel sad that they had to be taken away from a place where they have friends and a place they call home but at the same time I am glad someone got them away from those people and I hope they don't give them back. Those children deserve to have better parents then those.

Ok sorry I'm rambling.

DeAnna said...

For sad!