Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Remembering Julie

“we need a renaissance of wonder.
we need to renew, in our hearts & in our souls,
the deathless dream, the eternal poetry,
the perennial sense that life is miracle & magic."

e. merrill root


Anonymous said...

Hey I always ment to ask you how that walk went. I never remembered when it was and thought you would post something about it but never remember reading anything on it.

It was a wonderful thing to do in memory of your friend. I hope it went well.


Ginabear said...

Even though I didnt know her personally, thru you she has touched me. She is someone I would like to be like. I know you miss her along with many others! She was an amazing girl! Big hugs to you today Jen!!

DeAnna said...

I also love that girl, Julie, just from the pictures and what you have shared, and how she died trying to save another. What a noble spirit she must have. How blessed we are that you still remind us of her sacrifice last year. I think of her often.

Luv ya,

Michelle said...

Thank you for the sweet memories of her, even though I never met her personally. She's a special woman.