Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have a half-written blog post about our camping trips that I need to finish. I have pictures I want to add to it, but lately I don't seem to have time to play with my own personal pictures.

I have a friend, JoAnne, who has an SLR who's been taking some really great pictures and she posts them on her blog a lot, I am jealous that she has the time and energy for that. I need to reconnect to my photography again. Time to get some models and play again. Tonight would have been a good night to take Jake out to play except that I have to empty all my cards to shoot for another photographer on Friday.

I do have three projects in the works. One is an HDR image, the other is a collage, and then the last is a self-portrait.

Joel is still looking for work. He's had a few interviews and a couple of phone interviews. The two phone ones were for internships. One is for a hotel chain in Kentucky. They asked him if he'd move and he told them yes. Hopefully that internship would come with the chance to be hired on! lol. Both said they'd call back if they wanted an in-person interview or more information.

Today I had a horrible migraine and felt very dizzy for most of the day. Tonight I'm not dizzy much anymore but my head is still hanging onto the headache. I spent the whole day in bed. Joel was so sweet and took over the laundry, watched the kids, watered the garden, took Jake to weight lifting and brought him home, took the kids with him and got me chicken liver and even cooked it for me so I could get some iron into my blood (which helped so much!) and then took Jake to mutual and will be picking him up soon. I don't know how I could have gotten through this day without him. Thanks to Jake for making dinner for us (with a little chocolaty bribery).

After years of working on him, I've finally got Joel to say, "mercy" and let me have a bird. I've been working for the last few weeks of slowly putting together what we need for a bird. I got a huge cage for only $20 off of Craigslist, even. I'm really excited :) Tomorrow we visit a cockatiel breeder, she has a bunch of newly weaned babies for sale, and is having a huge sale on them which makes them totally affordable for me. If she doesn't have the right bird for me there are a few other breeders that have birds for even less, just not as many to chose from and slims the chance of finding one that will be the personality I'm looking for, but I'm totally holding out for the one that I am sure will fit well in our home. One is an albino, and the lady has had her children helping with the hand feeding, but they are about an hour away, but the baby is really lowly priced so I'll drive for it if it's the one. Our children have been asking for all kinds of pets for the last couple of years and I don't want any more dogs or cats and I keep killing fish. I'm not quite sure that I could handle a guinea pig (too similar to rats), and I've always wanted a bird ever since I was little and had a fascinating experience at my uncle's house, who bred parakeets and other birds for selling. I was always trying to get the cousins to take me to the basement where the birds were.

We looked at a lot of breeds of birds before deciding on Cockatiels. We want one that will whistle and perhaps talk, which means it should be a boy. I worry about a female getting an egg stuck so I'm really nervous about getting a female, but if I find one that is really friendly, I'll trade the talking for the friendliness.

I just hope our bird's first words aren't, "MOM he won't share the remote!" or something like that, lol.

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Michelle said...

I'm excited you're getting a bird. That will be fun!

Um, chicken liver? Sorry, but that sounds so wrong. Um, glad it helped you feel better.