Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It will be Pioneer Days in Utah tomorrow. I miss Pioneer Days.
When I was little and lived in Utah we would go to the parade in Draper (for a couple of years I rode my horse in it) and then later in the day see fireworks.
If I lived in Utah now I'd be taking my kids somewhere fun like Antelope Island where they are having crafts including pioneer handkerchief dolls, quilting, candle dipping or making a pioneer lantern and playing pioneer games. Or maybe to Logan where they are having a pancake breakfast with a fun run and volleyball tournaments and watermelon eating contests and then finish the day with a rodeo and fireworks.
But I guess I'll have to do my own pioneer stuff around the house here with the kids.
Luckily, I have a book full of ancestors stories and some of them were pioneers, so I can tell my kids some stories that day.

As a side note: I forgot to mention in my last post about our 4th of July ward breakfast we went to. Joyanna was the winner of the Primary's cherry pit spitting contest.... she spit the farthest. She must get her skills from her dad who won the adult cherry pit spit contest... I estimate he spit at least 18 feet. They counted from where the pit first lands, not rolls to. I'm so proud. Then we had tug of wars and our primary kids/Presidency did really well and were ahead until they made us pull several times in a row and we were pooped by then and let the High Priests have it by giving up during the pull. My hands hurt for a loooong time after that one.
We also had a water balloon toss, and Joel and I did really well on the first one and were going to try again when another guy in the ward called Joel over to be his partner, and they ended up winning that round. Jake played a lot of Frisbee tag or soccer or golf, or whatever it was.
It was a really fun morning.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure you really miss being in Utah and your family but I'm sure you will make it there one day.


Michelle said...

We were going to go to the parade, but I decided to sleep in instead. Sleep versus candy? Sleep won lol. That's neat you have a book full of ancestral stories. I wish we had something like that.

Glad to hear the 4th of July breakfast went well. Hooray for having spitters in the family. :D