Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday I shot my last wedding. I don't have any more booked after this.
It was a rainy day and much colder than I had planned on it being. The weather man told us that it would be upper 70's but I think the high was only 63. I was freezing. I'd worn suit pants and a short sleeved thin top, and as a last thought threw on a short sleeved sweater vest, but I should have grabbed my sued dress jacket!
I met up with the bride in the morning at her hair and make-up appointment and the weather was still dry when we left, but as I approached her house it began to rain and rained all morning clear up until the ceremony which was an outdoor ceremony scheduled for 5pm. They decided to go ahead with it around 5:30 and just after the bride walked down the isle the rain ceased for the rest of the evening! ARGH!
So pretty much it rained all through the portrait session times. I was sad because they had a beautiful 10 acre farm for us to use, and also her uncle's property as well as a horse drawn carriage! And because of the rain we only got to do a fraction of what we'd talked about doing, the night before.
Today my body is aching and hurting all over and I've had a migraine I can't get rid of, though I've taken a lot of pills to try.
I'll be putting up pictures on my business blog sometime this week.

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JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

Sorry the weather didn't cooperate with this awesome day. A farm and carriage - drool. Fun!