Sunday, July 13, 2008

This blog is titled-

Either- My Husband Reads My Blog... And took pity on me.

or-That Bride is Cursed!

We started yesterday taking my van to have the breaks replaced. My van goes through more breaks and rotors than it should. Maybe because all of my driving is around the town? I'm not a hard breaker... maybe I'm slowing down too far in advance? Anyway, while we were out we thought we'd look to see if I could just get a tower over at Best Buy for my computer. I like the screen I have, it's a good sized, "17. We looked at what they had, or so we thought. We didn't look around much, now that I think about it. We only looked basically at the HP because there was a guy there showing us all of them. Turns out he was just an HP rep. and we hadn't noticed that his tag said that and not Best Buy. We left feeling a bit sad that everything I would need would still be so expensive. I thought I could maybe swing 6-700 dollars.

Then we went to the grocery store and home to wait for Car-X to call us about my van. When we got home I was telling dh about how if I had any money there are other things I would buy before a computer... like a new stove or fridge. Our stove is a very basic gas unit. No window, no self cleaning, no light, burners with pilots that stay on all the time and sometimes blow out for no reason and gas us. We'll come home from being out and smell gas when we come in. I know it's one reason our gas bill is so high. Also our fridge's thermostat and ice maker are on the fritz. I have put my atomic clock with the thermometer in it and played with the settings and either on 9 or almost 0 (off) it stays in the low 30's and keeps turning my produce to ice.

Dh then mentions that Home Depot is having a sale on appliances, so we left the house after the car dealership called, to go have a look. We found a great stove for a great price. Electric ignition and self cleaning! Woot woot! Then we looked at fridges, and they told us they'd knock 10% off for any appliance with the energy star. We found one, and since we bought the stove and fridge and they are both Maytag we also get a $100 rebate! Aaaand... free delivery and recycling of our old appliances! Woot woot woot!

After that I was thumbing through the adds for Best Buy and saw a computer we didn't look at while we were there... one that had all I needed for under $800. So we went back and took a look at the Gateway computer set up. It has quad core processor, 6 GB Dual channel memory, and it wasn't even $100 more to upgrade to a 22" screen. Well, Mr HP came along and helped us get the boxes we needed, but then eventually talked us into a $1300 HP package (a good deal on them at Sam's Club kept tempting us too). But when it was time to ring us up, they couldn't find all the pieces for the HP deal.

Mr. HP was checking out for the day and Mr. BB (Best Buy) took over helping us. While calling Roseville to see if their store had what we needed, he asked us why we changed our minds. I pointed to Mr. HP. Well, then Mr. BB proceeded to talk us back into our cheaper, more memory computer selection which had been hanging out by the cash register for the last hour... and I'm so glad he did! I was really sweating buying something that was nearly $5-700 more than I was prepared to spend.

So we get the computer home, after they installed everything and made a recovery disk for us. We took apart the other computer. Joel had bought some more RAM for it and a new graphics card because we planned to give the computer to our oldest son. He put the new stuff in (after making a couple of trips to get the right kind of card) and the thing won't start up! Enter me crying. It just won't start.

Now, I have saved all my original images on a separate hard drive, and disks, so those are ok... however, all my work on 5,000 images from my last wedding has not been saved. It was all sitting in my Lightroom program waiting to be saved in their individual folders. The other night I decided it could be done in the morning because I'd stayed up so late trying to get them all sorted in their color codes for what part of the wedding day they occurred. My computer shutting down on me twice that night. And there they sit. Waiting. The originals are ok, but my work is what's sitting there. So since it won't start, and I have to show them their images next week, I have to start all over.

This is a huge lesson to me. Save everything as you do it. Later might be too late.
So I am convinced that that bride is cursed. Her curse has affected me now 4 times! Once- with my camera breaking before her wedding, twice- the rental being junk and ruining her picture's exposure, thrice-my assistant's memory card going corrupt (but thank heaven's for small miracles) and fourth- now this. I can't wait to get her pictures done and get her away from me, out of my life. Hasta la vista baby!


Anonymous said...

I heard of a movie called the run away bride.

You would like to be the run away photographer!

Michelle said...

OH NO! That bride IS cursed and now it's rubbing off you on! I hope the fixer-people find all your hard work and are able to retrieve it. I'm sorry you've had so many problems. I should IM you some ice cream and brownies! *HUGS*

Jen said...

Hahaha, Banana, you know it!

Mmmmmmmm brownies. Michelle you are so sweet, especially since I am like... what?.... over a year late sending you caramel!?