Friday, July 25, 2008

What's exciting?

Man, can I first just say I am digging my play list today.... ah! ah! ah! ah! Stayin' alive, stayin' alive! *Jen busts a move*

Ok, today is an exciting day for my husband and my mother-in-law. Today I get my new fridge and stove. Apparently they are more excited than me because they keep talking about it, and she wants to come see it, and he is asking me if I am excited. It's cool. But I have a fridge and a stove, they just aren't that great.
Am I old because I don't get excited over stuff like that? I dunno. I'm old enough to have a driving kid, so maybe I am too old to be excited for new appliances too. Maybe if it was a huge deep fryer, or an indoor grill, or a Roomba or something I don't already have I'd be more excited.
I'm just going to be happy not to be throwing out my produce each week by the fist fulls because we didn't get around to eating them, like I'd hoped, before they froze.

I am on the other hand excited to be finally assisting another photographer with a wedding tomorrow! I've been trying to get a position assisting a wedding photographer for over a year now, and none of my photography friends think of me when they need one, so it's exciting I finally found one who wants me! YAY!


Anonymous said...

What is a Roomba? Is that a new dance like the cha cha?

Congrats on the new fridge and stove.
Yup, you should be excited.

I think that is cooool.

Luv ya,

Michelle said...

So your food isn't suppose to freeze? I know it's called a Crisper but it drives me nuts. Maybe I could get a new fridge too from my landlords. ;)

I'm excited for your new appliances, and the keeping fresh produce, and the new assistant job. You go girl!