Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weather Changes

Summer has finally arrived in Minnesota. It's been very warm the last several days. It's been nice swimming weather. I break a sweat just sitting in the sun watching my kids play t-ball.
Well, you know what happens when the weather changes and the sun gets hot (or it gets below freezing) and people are out traveling and it's always inevitable that you'll start seeing cars along the side of the road. Flat tires, over heating, etc. are kinds of things that happen when the weather changes.

Whenever we've looked at cars the most important thing I look for is air conditioning. If the car doesn't have it (which pretty much all cars now days do) I won't buy it.

Today, while I was at a stop light, the most important feature of my van went out. Poof! Gone. No fan, no whirr, no hair blowing in the breeze, no comfort, no cool, no movement. Just dead air. It didn't take long for the heat to take over the van again, smothering yucky heat. I can't breathe well in heat. At night in the winter when I'm freezing and I put my head under the blankets I always have to have my mouth and nose poking out. I can't stand to breathe hot air. It gives me a headache. My air conditioning going out gives me a headache too.



Fluir del tiempo donde todo muere y nace, la vida se evapora, se remolina en el querer volver y no regresa, horas inalcanzables sumidas al recuerdo que se pierde en los ocasos.

Besos para tu alma

Ginabear said...

alrighty, can we have a translator for the above comment?? Maybe it says something like...that really sucks to not have AC!! I know I cant breathe either under the covers so I poke my mouth and nose out too! Haha! I had a car with no ac once and it would put me to sleep while I was driving, me no like it! Hope you get it fixed immediately!!

Michelle said...

NOOOOO! Hurry, get it fixed quick!! I love my AC and would flip if it went out. I can't even imagine how expensive that would be to fix. :( Hopefully not too much for you! *hugs*