Sunday, February 22, 2009

A New Week!

I picked up another newborn session this week. I can't say enough how much I love doing newborn sessions.
I have so many ideas I want to try, but people seem to be too conservative to want to try them, so I might have to advertise some free sessions to get the images I am wanting.
Today I learned how to do a fun rope braid on Jaeden's hair, but forgot to take a picture. She said I could do it tomorrow for school, so I will remember to take a picture then. I was surprised at how easy it ended up being! I wish Joy would let me try too.
Jacob blessed the sacrament at church for the first time today. He did really well and remembered all of the prayer, or at least read it right... who can tell when they are kneeling behind the altar? hahaha. The kids were busy and when they heard his voice they stopped immediately to listen to him. Kind of a cool moment for our family.
He also had to give a talk today about how he's preparing for a mission, which ended up being a "how to" talk. He did well this time, we could hear him and understand every word he said. Now if we can just get him to look up once in a while next time, he'll be a pro!
Since Joel's been laid off we've been taking turns taking Jake to early morning seminary... boy is it hard to get up at 5 in the morning! I miss Joel working nights and doing that for me.
I miss sleeping in. I had it good.


Natalie said...

If I had a newborn and lived near you I'd let you take pictures. Hopefully you can try out your ideas soon! And yay for Jacob and doing the sacrament for the first time. :) You must be so proud!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lots of new blogs this week. I remember Mom driving Shelley and I to early morning seminary, then Shelley got her license. Oh, the memories!