Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Good and a Very Bad Day

Joel went to his interview on Tuesday. It was a good experience for him, but not the job for him. They wanted him to work for commission and sell insurances and try to get people to invest in the stock market. Joel is not a sales person and is not comfortable in pressuring people to make decisions. But it was good for him to get out there and mingle and have an interview, so it wasn't a total loss.
He also talked to his old boss on Monday and found out that there will be pretty much no pension or any extra money to help us out because last year (after their butts were barely saved from Zeiss canning them) he decided that would be a great time to put all his extra money into a restaurant and hotel. So there is no money at all left to help his employees out. That really bites. 18 years at the same company and nothing but a fistfull of bills.
But we will be ok, I know we will. God has always provided for us and I know He always will. I know that when one door closes, He always has opened a window for us. In the mean time the kids are loving having Joel around to play with them. They haven't been able to bond with him like Jake did because Joel pretty much started college when Josh was 2, and it's taken up all his free time for the last 5 years. So it's not all bad :)


Ginabear said...

Wow, I am so sorry Jen! Lookin for a job is frustrating but in all the yrs I've known you and your family, things always seem to work out as they should. You are very blessed and have an awesome additude about the whole thing! Hang in there, I know good things will happen for you if you just keep the faith! Big hugs and lots of love for you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the position wasn't something for Joel....but on the other hand good practice on interviewing. Silver lining.

So nice of your family to get Joel some attire for his interviews. He is really smart, a hard worker, and completely loyal so I am sure he won't have to look for long.

You are very brave and you have so much faith in the fact that things will work out. I envy this and I wish I could be more like that but I tend to panic. You will make it through if for nothing else but the faith you have.

Always my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

So glad you wrote. I keep thinking and thinking about you guys!

I'm glad you can look at this with love for each other. You're gonna make it, girl.
Luv ya,