Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always forgetting

I wish I was better at blogging. My kids are always doing or saying something that I think... "I HAVE to write this down so Grandma and Grandpa can read it!" and then I forget it.
I know Joy did/said something I should have written down the other day, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.
I know we've heard sayings from her lately that have to do with her beauty. "Keep away from my beauty", was said when telling her brother to buzz off. Maybe Joel will remember and when he reads this he'll remind me.

Finally some of the temp agencies that he's applied with are calling him back for interviewing and testing. He has to go back to one and take a test, it wasn't working the day he was there for his interview. Account Temps told him to come back after he gets his degree, they wouldn't even touch him at this point, silly really. He only has 3 classes left until he gets his degree. He's also been looking outside of the state for work. I would love to get out of Minnesota! I'm tired of freezing and also family drama here. Would be nice to be in the dark about most things that have been going on here, lol.

I might have found some good shoes, it's hard to tell yet, but I walked in them the other day, and they gave me a blister on my heel. Yesterday I walked 2 miles in them and used a blister patch and some custom formed inserts. My ankle and feet feel ok today. I'm hoping these will work, it's been such an ordeal.


Anonymous said...

Well beauty can hardly be messed w/ he should have known better!

Why does everyone want to move away?

More family drama...uh oh do I need to call you again to see what's up?


Jen said...

LOL, no, nothing new... just would be easier if we weren't here to watch it. Also, mil changed Easter plans for the first time in 30+ years... now, since Jerri can't afford the Easter brunch, she is having Easter brunch at her house. HELLO! How about us, who have had 4 kids for the last 4 years who couldn't afford it either? No, nothing changes until Jerri is poor. Sucks for Joel.

Beth said...

I finally decided I had to make notes on the grocery list pad I keep on the fridge so I remember to blog it. (Now the trick is to remember to write it down on the pad). ;-)

Good luck to your husband in the job search.