Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been as busy as a bee lately.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Convention Center where I took a Photoshop seminar. The thing that interested me the most to take this seminar was that they would be teaching some High Dynamic Range imaging techniques and I was curious. Also there were some other things I learned that will come in handy.

Oh! I forgot to mention, I made a new friend down there too. Her name is Tina. I met her at the map of the Convention Center and found out she was going to the same spot as me. She had been to the seminar last year and we chatted all the way down to the lower level where the seminar was. When we got there, I already had a ticket and she had to register, but after she got in she found me and we sat together and talked in between sessions. She lives pretty close to us (close is relative), and is a web designer. She just got her first slr and is looking forward to learning it. She also has four kids, her oldest is 12 and the others are around my other kid's ages. It was so nice to find a friend who was fun to talk to and had similar interest, but not exactly the same. She just shot me an email tonight after looking at my website and asked when I wanted to teach her to shoot, lol! We talked about her building me a new website and I teach her to shoot. I would love something more contemporary and edgy for my wedding stuff.

Then I met Joel and Jake down at the state Capitol for a tea party rally. It was super fun. Everyone was so nice and respectful. No pee bombs or destroyed private/public property like we got down there for the RNC. Conservatives are much better behaved people for sure. It's crazy to even suggest that we'd start trouble or riot and such. Some people (read: Homeland Security) are way overly imaginative and confuse people easily (read: conservatives with liberals).

We have tickets for the Twins game tomorrow night. It was supposed to be all of our kids' first time to a Twins Baseball game. But Joy and Jaeden will be missing out on it because of sick bugs. I'm sad for my little girls. I was looking forward to our family having some fun together again this weekend.

Last weekend we saw Monsters vs. Aliens at the IMAX in 3D and it was super fun and good. Will for sure buy it when it comes out. We've also been red-boxing it lately. A few good ones we liked were Bedtime Stories, Bolt and Fireproof (I agree with others, bad acting but good story).

I'm soooo glad it's not my turn for Sharing Time this week! :)

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Anonymous said...

Its good to hear about your great family activities. Lucky kids!
Luv ya,