Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wish I had a hammock

Wouldn't that be nice on a day like today? Put it under a tree and grab a good book and a bottle of water and just relax.
So nice :)

Just 19 more days until my friend Gina flies in on a jet plane. I'm so excited! I haven't seen her in forever, and we've been talking less for the last several months since she got a job and I have become crazy busy. Also Joel being home kind of cuts down on my social time. He doesn't mean to, it's just that way.

If she doesn't find a dress before then, I'm taking her to the local thrift store and we are going to do a trash the dress session. Hahaha, she keeps joking about it, but I'm gonna take her up on it! What size are you now, girl? A size 2 yet??? She's the incredible shrinking woman, lol.

Joy is sitting in my window watching her daddy change his tire and singing, "Bow chicka wow wow, that's wha' my baby says". She's so cute :)

We are waiting for him to get done so we can color eggs, oh I should get out the camera for that too. I'm starting to feel like playing with pictures again. The last engagement session has got me in a playing mood... coming out of a winter hibernation I guess. My camera is scrawny and starving for some action!


Michelle said...

Trash the Dress? And Gina? Alright, how's the man and how come I wasn't told?? No fair!! I take time off to study for tests and I come back to messy dresses. Just my luck.

"Bow chicka wow wow..."

Ginabear said...

Jen, I love you!! Sorry we havent talked as much as usual! I sooo wish we lived closer! I was serious about doin a session, but you will be doin my hair and stuff too, cuz I have no clue in that department. Not sure if packin up a wedding dress though is something I wanna deal with so we need to totally go to a store one day while I am there and do this thing!! Start getting some ideas of where you wanna shoot! Hmm, dress size...not a 2, I wish. Prolly like an 8? I dunno, I wear a size 8 pants. I havent worn a "dress" since my wedding. And just so you know, I would only do that for you!! hehe Sooo excited to see you!! Let the tackling begin.....