Thursday, April 16, 2009


That stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging :) Which is something I learned at the Photoshop seminar I attended yesterday. They showed us how to create these images that makes it hard to tell... is it a photograph?.... is it an illustration?.... can you tell?

This morning I couldn't wait to download a trial copy of it (of course it has to put ugly watermarks on my image, gah) but it was worth the try.

This is the worst picture for me to try this out on, but I don't have a clean house today because I was gone for the entire day yesterday, and honestly since the husband's been laid off I've been slacking in the cleaning department. That's life, right? I wanted an image of a somewhat busy area that wasn't too embarrassing to show so you get to see my work station where all my magic happens, lucky you!

I had the front door open to the left so there are some sunbeams in the image that I didn't see until I uploaded the bracketed images.

So, that said, this is my very first attempt at HDR.

By taking these three images:

Put the best of them together ...

and with some tweaking ....

created something really different....

Now step back from your screen to see that they created this. But try to ignore the sunbeams, lol!

Click here to see :)


Brittanie said...

That is awesome! Seems like you could do some really cool stuff with this.

Mara said...

Super cool!!! I really like the effect.

Ginabear said...

That is wayyy cool Jen! I love it when you learn new things!