Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

It was a good Friday for us anyway. I have taken some time to contemplate the meaning of Easter, and Good Friday, but my post tonight is not about those thoughts.

We started our day off with Joel and I making our way over to our storage unit and picking up our Easter box that was full of baskets, Easter die, plastic eggs and an assortment of Easter figurines. Sad, really, that we are picking them up so late. I used to decorate nearly a month in advance for every holiday, but now days the kids are lucky to even see the box come home.
Then we went over to WalMart and purchased all of the Easter bunny necessities. It caused me great joy when I was waved over to stand next to the Easter Bunny in the WalMart Easter area, and some guy took my picture with the bunny. He was shooting with some point and shoot, and was using manual settings (I knew this because a flash didn't go off). He determined that the bunny and I should sit "for better lighting" (who are you kidding mister?) and then took my picture again. Yay, I know I look so skinny when I sit, NOT. I didn't bother sticking around for an hour to pick up my printed version of the picture.
We then went home and had lunch with the kids, then took them down to the Minnesota Zoo to see the baby animals in the Farm area. The kids liked it, but we had to really race there and then down to the IMAX theatre for a 3-D viewing of Monsters vs. Aliens. It was a pretty good show, but had some unnecessary use of God's name and also a mock swearing where one guy said, "Holy Cheez-its" (you can sound that out in your head). But over-all it was a good movie. Would be better on my Clear Play.
On the way home we bought the kids McDonald's and dropped them off at home. Joel and I took a nice break from them and had dinner at Ol' Mexico. I haven't been there in years and it was almost as yummy as I remember Chi-Chis to be.
Now I have a tummy ache from all the candy and Mexican food I ate.
I'm just uploading some pictures I took the other day while out with my friend JoAnne. We went to the State Fairgrounds to play with our cameras and I got some fun ones. Post them later.

And now it's later....

Here's some that I played with tonight. Enjoy!

Don't call her "Fresh".


And I totally think JoAnne should steal this image and use it for an avitar :)


We are such delightful women :) This is a shot courtesy of Joy, which was about the only shot we ended up being in because her head wandered to other places when we gave her the camera.


An odd looking sunflower... I've never seen sunflowers do that.


And then her adoreable son, such a cutie!!!


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Ginabear said...

sounds like you had better than just a good friday! Glad you had so much fun! Love the pics! Joy takes after her mommy, hehe! Love that you are being goofy! Cant wait to have some of our own while I am there :)Josh can have the camera this time;) Hope you have an awesome Easter!