Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocky the wonder bird

Rocky was hatched in May.

Here's a cute little video I made today of "Rocky" (or "Roxy" if it lays an egg this winter) having his first official bath. I've tried letting him play in the bathtub with a little water, and I've misted him with a spray bottle and he didn't go for those. But today while I was eating lunch I let him hang out on the kitchen table with me and offered him some shredded zucchini. The next thing I know he's trying to cuddle with my water bottle. I then realized that he was trying to get all of the moisture off of my bottle onto his wings. We experimented with a couple of containers before finding one that worked for him.


Michelle said...

I've seen a bird in a baking dish before. It wasn't alive though. ;)

Remind me not to ask you to bring me a casserole anytime soon. No offense.

Very funny little bird you have. :D

Anonymous said...

One major bath there!!!! I think you are pretty smart to figure out that he was trying to get the water off the bottle!

Luv ya,